Top 10 true love sign that will tell you whether You've achieved the purest from love

Top 10 true love sign that will tell you whether You've achieved the purest from love

Interpreting “Love at First Sight” as True Love is a common mistake that many people make. “Love at First Sight” is nothing more than a short-lived passion resulting from a strong romantic and sexual surge.

The signs of genuine love felt between two people is far above glances and desires. It takes time to build up. It often can’t even be expressed in words and it’s better to be felt. True Love is the best example of the proverb “Actions speak louder than words”. You both won’t be expressing your love in words but your actions would have already started taking shape. Words won’t let you discover the meaning of True Love but your actions will. Defining the signs of love is difficult, but its signs can be seen.

Here are the top 10 True Love signs that will tell you whether you’ve achieved the purest form of love and if your partner is the one.

10. You’re ready to give away everything for your love

You have started surrendering to the relationship with all your heart. You’re ready to give away everything without any expectations or desire of getting something in return from your partner. You’re even ready to surrender your life for the well-being of the person that you love.

9. Perfect Happiness

Your partner has become the most special person in your life. Watching even just a small smile on his/her face fills you with extreme happiness. No matter how bad or tiring your day is, your partner’s smile and words make you forget all your tensions and sufferings.

8. Anger and Pain

When your lover hurts you, you feel extremely bad. However, your grief never turns into anger. You don’t get angered by their actions. Moreover, staying upset at them hurts you more and even though you may be frustrated and annoyed by them, it becomes very difficult for you to stay away from them for a long period of time.

7. You include your partner in every part of your life

There is an extreme urge in you to integrate your partner in every part of your life and you want to bring him/her around your friends and family. You want them to love you both as a unit and accept your relationship. You want your lover to be a part of you and want him/her to be a part of every milestone and event in your life.

6. You’re ready to sacrifice everything

Though they may not realize your importance or the value of your sacrifices, you’re still ready to do anything and sacrifice everything in your life for them to be happy. Even if their smile costs you your life, you wouldn’t hesitate.

5. You make several efforts towards your relationship

You make all possible efforts to better your relationship. You try bestowing as much love as you can upon your partner to make them feel loved and special. You don’t want anything to go wrong with your relationship-you want everything to be perfect.

4. You never forget your promises

No matter how forgetful you are, you never forget the promises made to your partner. For this special person, your moral sense becomes the strongest. Though the promise may be hard to keep, you always adhere to your word.

3. You can’t even dream of hurting your partner

True Love makes you completely selfless. No matter how much you hurt or how much pain your partner gives you, it’s not possible for you to hurt them, and taking revenge on them is not an option for you.

2. It’s not “you and me” it’s “we”

You consider your partner as a part of your life. You want your partner to always be by your side. When referring to each other, you don’t use “you and me” you use “we”. A future without them by your side is worthless to you.

1. Feeling proud instead of being jealous

When a friend surpasses you in a task in which you failed, it’s obvious to be jealous of him/her. However, this isn’t the case with “True Love”. If you truly love your partner, his/her success makes you feel proud. “True Love” is powerful enough to overcome the feeling of any kind of jealousy

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