Unbelievable: 88-Year-Old Man Receives A “School Bus Coffin” As Gift From His Friends

Unbelievable: 88-Year-Old Man Receives A “School Bus Coffin” As Gift From His Friends

Glenn, an 88-year-old man from Minnesota, died a while ago. His body was placed in a special school bus shaped coffin, which attracted the attention of many local people and media, according to reports.
What’s more, the school bus shaped coffin was given by Glenn’s friends, but the children of the old man said they couldn’t accept it.

Dailyfocusng learnt that, it was reported that the coffin, based on the local school bus, was given by Jim, a good friend of Glenn’s funeral home, five years ago. When Glenn received it, he was so excited that he thanked his friend with tears in his eyes and said:

 “Oh, I loved it!”.

Later, the old man called his family to enjoy the unique coffin. However, the family said they couldn’t accept the special gift. They thought that the friend who gave the gift had a bad intention. It seemed that they were cursing each other for leaving as soon as possible.

Good friend Jim explained that his daughter was diagnosed with cancer when she was one and a half years old. He felt that his life was in a low ebb and didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, he was comforted and relieved by Glenn before he came out and continued to live. ;

This unique coffin was specially made for Glenn in order to thank him.

After graduating from high school, Glenn worked as a school bus driver for more than half a century (55 years). He once carried his classmates, children of his classmates and friends, even their grandchildren.

In addition to being a school bus driver, Glenn has his own farm. In addition to taking the children to and from school every day, I take care of my crops and cows on the farm.

As a school bus driver, Glenn has never had any traffic accidents during his work, so he is also a little famous in the local industry. ;

As a farmer, Glenn has long been able to live off the income of school bus drivers. But because of his love for children and his time with them, he continued to be a school bus driver until he retired 15 years ago because he was too old.

Was what the children did right or wrong(rejecting a coffin their father already accepted)?

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