How to Send Voice Tweet: All you Need to Know on Twitter’s New Voice Tweet Feature

How to Send Voice Tweet: All you Need to Know on Twitter’s New Voice Tweet Feature

How to send a voice tweet

To send a voice tweet, you click the same compose icon that is used for regular tweets, then tap the voice icon. Click the record button that pops up and record your message.

When you are done, tap done. You can share the voice tweet by clicking the ‘Tweet’ button.

You can add the voice tweet to a text and/or start a thread with multiple Tweets. Twitter allows you to record up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds for each individual voice tweet. If your message is longer than that, it will be automatically threaded up to 25 Tweets.

Source: Twitter

If your display picture is not good now, it will haunt you later

If in some years time, you will cringe at your current display photo on Twitter, then change it now before you make an audio tweet.

When you send an audio tweet, the image you currently have as your profile picture is attached to the tweet and will not be changed even if you change your picture afterward.

You may want to be sure you look at your current picture before sending an audio tweet.

Here is All You Need To Know About Using Twitter's New Voice Tweet Feature

Audio tweets can only follow your original tweets

You cannot send a response to another person’s tweet with the audio feature. The voice tweet will be published as tweets with audio attachments that people can play.

At this time, you can only record voice tweets as original tweets. It’s not possible to tweet with audio through replies or retweets with Comment.


Sorry Android users, it’s not your turn yet

The audio feature is only available to iPhone users for now while Twitter tests the feature. How soon Twitter will release the feature to Android users is not clarified yet.

Reactions on Twitter show that Android users are dissatisfied with this slight, and are eager to use the voice tweet feature.

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