6 Reasons Why Ladies Should Stop Dating Yahoo Boys.

6 Reasons Why Ladies Should Stop Dating Yahoo Boys.

Stealing is wrong and evil no matter how people try to justify it.

When you take something from someone in an unjust way or manner, you have stolen from that person.

It is always said that ladies love money which is the primary reason why they go after guys that are rich and have enough to spend or throw around.

Lots of ladies now date Yahoo boys because of their lavish lifestyle. They date them because they spend recklessly or without caution.

Anything that has an advantage surely has its disadvantages.

Yahoo boys scam people of their hard-earned money which is a form of stealing.

They leave their victim or the person they scammed in so much pain and agony that the victim might even end up committing suicide like a young girl did some months back.

Well, below are some reasons why ladies should put an end to dating internet fraudsters or Yahoo boys.

1. Yahoo boys can be described as lazy as they don’t like working hard to earn a living. They would rather take the path of destruction and laziness by deceiving people who worked hard to earn their money. They want a stress free life and as a lady, you shouldn’t be in a relationship with someone who is not man enough to struggle and earn his money in the right way.

2. If you date a Yahoo boy, you might end up getting into trouble because if the police want to arrest him and you’re with him, you might be arrested together with him. In a case whereby he can’t be found, you might be taken as a scapegoat pending when he would be found.

3. You might end up taking parts in the curses that might have been placed on him by his victims.

4. You won’t have peace because you know that his source of income isn’t pure and he can be arrested at any time.

5. You won’t be proud to tell your parents, friends or people in general what your boyfriend does to get money because it isn’t right. I mean how can you proudly open your mouth and tell people that your boyfriend steals from people. Who can be publicly proud of a thief?

6. Some Yahoo boys do rituals and you might end up being used by him someday.

In conclusion, I would like to say that you go for a guy whose hustle is legit because he will be blessed one day. Don’t go for a Yahoo boy because you want someone that will but you all the material things

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