Football Manager 2021 Mobile 12.0.4 Apk Obb (FM 21 Unlocked)

Football Manager 2021 Mobile 12.0.4 Apk Obb (FM 21 Unlocked)

As a Football Manager in the 2021 Mobile edition, you will be allocated some amounts of money which you can use to buy or scout for players, additionally you can also sell players, also use the money to manage your stadium facilities.

In FM 2021 Mobile, you can use different football tactics such as 4-4-2 which is the most popular tactics, 4-3-3, 4-5-1, 3-5-2, 4-2-4 you can also check some Football Manager gaming communities or forums for best tactics to apply in your game.

Scouting of players is now realistic, as you can also contact Agents if a player is willing to join your club or not, if he is interested you can negotiate with the agent, this also mimics the transfers activities going on in the real world of Football.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile graphics has been improved, the 3D in-game simulation is much more better than before, which gives you the best managerial experience.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile 12.0.2 (Full) Apk + Mod + Data Android

Canadian Premier League has been added to FM 21 Mobile Mod Apk, Argentina and Mexico Leagues are now a playable nation with full license. Save Data files to get real players names will be or is already available within the post for you to make use of.

Features Of Football Manager 2021 Mobile 

Here are the new features of FM 2021 Mobile:

  • Three New Nations – Licensed nations league such as Mexico, Argentina and Canada have come into the new Football Manager Mobile 2021 edition.
  • Tactics Revamped – Tactics section of the Mobile Football Management game has been improved, with new tactics template added for you to easily play in style and improve your soccer club performance.
  • Revamped Dynamics – Get to know the ranks in your team and be able to communicate easily with your team captain and also know what’s going on in the dressing room, this new feature of FMM 21 allows you to do such.
  • Let Your Voice Be Heard – This is a new way to motivate your players by telling them what they should do in other to be at the top of the game.
  • Setting Up Feeder Team – Take advantage of youth development by starting your own Feeder team and also watch there progress throughout the season.

Download Football Manager 2021 Mobile FM 21 Apk Obb

Below is the link to download Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Obb which has been unlocked without any license verification issues, works on almost all supported devices.

Obb For FM 2021


Make your mark on the beautiful game in FM21 Mobile, the fastest way to achieve footballing greatness.

Feel the buzz as you effortlessly craft the perfect squad and tactical setup that’s guaranteed to pick up silverware, wherever and whenever you want. Featuring more than 60 leagues from 24 of the top footballing nations, will you opt for an adventure abroad with one of football’s powerhouses or challenge for domestic success?

The world’s best players and generations of wonder kids are literally in your pocket. Buy wisely and develop their skills on the training pitch.

When your pre-match prep is complete, take your place in the top-down digital dugout and watch as your tactical vision becomes a reality.

No mobile game gets you closer to the job of managing the world’s top clubs, and new features take FM21 Mobile to unprecedented levels.
Football Manager 2021 Mobile 12.0.2 (Full) Apk + Mod + Data Android

Take your skills to even more destinations as Mexico, Argentina, and the fully-licensed Canadian Premier League debut in our most international offering yet.

Creating a winning philosophy on the tactics board has never been easier. Fresh tactical templates allow you to pick up and play in style, while new player roles and improved set-piece options will elevate your performance levels.

Our reimagined Dynamics system will help you create perfect team harmony with more insight into squad hierarchy and the bonds between your players. You now have a more direct link between you and the dressing room through the new Club Captain. Choose your leader wisely to give your team the edge on Matchday.

Take advantage of new ways to motivate your players to get an edge in key games and then navigate the media circus on your way to the top of the game. Remember though, everything you say influences dressing room harmony… You’ll also benefit from a revamped UI further highlighting player feedback.

Maximise youth development by guaranteeing your best prospects the regular first-team action they need by setting up your own Feeder Clubs. Check on their progress throughout the season to see how close they are to making a difference on their return.

A long-awaited addition to the Mobile series, you can now control of your team’s pre-season preparations by arranging the friendlies you want, when you want them. Bring the best to your ground and see if your squad have what it takes.

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