Steps You Must Follow To Retrieve Your Money After You Have Been Scammed- Anambra State Police

Steps You Must Follow To Retrieve Your Money After You Have Been Scammed- Anambra State Police

The Anambra State Police Command has been sensitizing the general public on ways to retrieve funds lost to scammers over the internet.

The command made a post on its Facebook page drawing the attention of victims of internet scam, people who have lost their hard-earned cash through fraudulent schemes like “Invest 50, 000 Naira and earn 100, 000 Naira in 5 minutes”

The command gave details on how to retrieve your money if you fall victim of such “mistake or greed” as they put it.

The command said that 20% of social media users have been scammed in one or the other, through online sales pages or other dimensions.

Therefore if you fall victim of any of the above, The Anambra Police Command advises you to follow these steps to get your money back.

“1. Screenshot all previous chats across all messaging app (Instagram and WhatsApp or Facebook).

2. Write out the Full name and account number of the page or person.

3. Go to the last notification your bank sent you after you made the payment (via mobile app or text) copy out the “TRANSACTION ID NUMBER”.

4. Go to any branch of the scam artist’s bank (the bank the scammer uses), ask to see the CUSTOMER SERVICE in charge of FRAUD.

5. If you can, print out all those chats with the scammer, and submit it.

While you are there, send an email to SCAMMER’S BANK and copy CBN FRAUD DESK ( this will ginger the bank to take it up fast.

According to the post, when you follow these vital steps, the account of the suspected scammer will be frozen temporary pending a full investigation. The suspect will not be able to use the money in that account.

The BVN of the scammer will also be blocked, therefore the suspect can’t open another account or conduct any banking transactions with the same name until everything is sorted out.

With the immediate blocking of the bank account of the suspect, the only thing left for the suspect is going to the bank to fix the apparent “banking issues” and if the suspect arrives the bank, they will contact the police.

And if after investigation it is proven that the suspect committed the scam, he or she is compelled to sign a waiver, this will enable the bank to refund the victim.

But the most important thing is, avoid quick money schemes they are largely fraudulently. Double-check every online business proposal or sales before committing fund

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