My Bitter leaf Juice Experience and Its Benefit

My Bitter leaf Juice Experience and Its Benefit

Bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) is an African herb, a medicinal plant which grows in some part of west Africa and Sub Saharan African. Used in making the popular soup known as Bitter leaf soup. It is known for its Bitter taste and quinine nature as it can be used to treat some sickness such as Diabetics,malaria, skin infections like ring worm, eczema. It’s water also eases Stomach pain.

My bitter leaf soup.

You can wash your bitter like this

Put some leafs in a bowl, add little water and some salt. Wash like you are squeezing it . you will notice the water has some green foams, turn the water away, squeeze out the leafs,and add fresh water and wash. If the foam is too much, u can put a drop of palm oil on your palm and scrub the leafs.(for cooking).

The Nutrients includes; Vitamin B1, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin. B2.

It helps Relieve Stomach Upset

I can remember vividly. When I was very much young, i had a particular severe tummy pain. We had this 3inch tree of Bitter leaf in our compound popularly called Onugbu in Igbo. I hid the tummy pains from my parents because I didn’t like drugs. I kept passing through those pains and enduring. It got to a time I started stooling blood. Yeah! Blood. I still kept it away from my parents because i was Afraid of Drugs. Until one particular day, my Mom wanted to use the Rest room and I was in there. I didn’t know where to hide my Underwear from her. She saw it and Screamed. To cut the long Story short, she didn’t go to the Clinic to get me drugs. She just want straight to that Bitter leaf tree plucked out some leafs, washed and Squeezed them in a cup.. Cold Chills and Goose bumps ran through my body cause I knew that Juice was for me. I could feel the bitterness even without drinking it. It was a battle in the house and I still drank it, After some while, the tummy pains reduced so did the blood i felt really better.

Eliminates Excess weight

A Daily Intake of Bitter leaf juice will remove all Cholesterol and excess Calories in your Body Keeping you in Shape.

Aids Blood Pressure

Doctors advice’s Diabetic and hypertensive patients in the intake of Bitter leaf water.

The bitterness of the juice helps to lower Sugar level and blood pressure.

No wonder my Dad always Drinks Bitter leaf once in a weak. I never knew it effects on him. Actually my Dad was a Diabetic patient.

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