''Just stay faithful to one woman cos womanizing cost die''- OAP Osi Suave tells men as he breaks down the cost implications of sleeping with different types of women

''Just stay faithful to one woman cos womanizing cost die''- OAP Osi Suave tells men as he breaks down the cost implications of sleeping with different types of women

OAP Osi Suave has advised men, particularly those residing in Lagos, to stay faithful to one woman as womanizing can be quite expensive. In a tweet thread posted on his handle, Osi listed the cost implication of cheating with ladies in different strata of life.


Read his tweets below


”See my lagos brothers Just stay faithful to one woman cos womanising cost die.

Uni babes naim even cost pass

Cab to and fro from Babcock for weekend= 30k

Night out at Sip= 200k

Lunch at Cactus= 80k

Thanks for coming this wekend= 30k

340 Nigerian Naira to fok

How much person dey make

Thank God say soapy no dey kill person

Then those IJGB babes are the worst Prado and Mopol to pick her from Airport 100k 3 nights at 4 points = 210k Night out at Sip = 300k cos she go bring her innit friends No thanks for coming here 510k just to fuck

Then working class BABES THESE ONES no dey bill you but 5 months after una dey nack Seun I’m going to London and zenith has reduced my monthly limit I’m just frustrated I’m just frustrated = better give me money Shopping money in London 1000pounds 670k Just to fok

Then upcoming influencer for IG You go pay for uber and ring light = 80k They dey always get one shoot when just come up and them gats pay for make up and stylist = 50k Their charger dey always spoil = 20k 150k just to fok

Then if you move to babe when get 10k followers on twitter 50k on IG Has weave biz on the side and drives 2005 corolla You are finished Illashe for the weekend = 200k Dinner at delis = 40k These ones dey always dey latex intolerant Non latex condom 8k 248k just to fok

Planning to move to Canada babe IELTS = 80k Ielts training cos she get H factor = 50k Visa Assistance and documentation =100k Flight ticket to canada she will always promise to pay back You look for the cheapest available cos her papa 300k with 3 stops 530k

I live in Abuja babes Flights to and fro gats be business class so the toto go dey marinate dey come 100k Prado pick up without Mopol 50k Dinner = 20k cos na kunu den dey drink for fct Night out = 30k cos Abuja babes no sabi chop life Thanks for coming 100k 300k

Then 30 plus plus babes These are like 37 and above Uses rubber band to hold her 4 passports, has a Gardner, cook and drycleans her g strings Slight British accent, and eats salmon every day Stays in 2 bedroom in ikoyi and handle corporate comms for Multinational

This one na ur pension account u gats liquidate cos her papa na bastard You will be getting messages like tobi pls pick up 3kg of salmon on ur way to mine Ikg of salmon na 19k tori oloun Tobi pls do u have 5m I want to buy treasury bills Sister Nkiru na 08 camry I dey drive now

Then there is single mummy Lesson Teacher for Jnr = 100k School bus for Jnr = 80k Lawyer for court case with her ex husband = 300k Nepa Units cos Jnr is a bastard and forgets to put off the Ac everyday = 80k 560k

Then uniben babes Very cost effective Up bunk Hall 2 = 80k GOD IS GOOD TO AND FRO. = 15k Sharwarma with 2 sausage and one Bigi = 3k One camp gas and 3 bowls of soup as thanks for coming 25k 123k

Then babes with low cut These ones are demons cos they get big yansh&their vagina works like suction pipe So once u enter there e go hard u comot Their idea of kinky is changing their hair colour Just prepare for urgent 200k, they want to urgently complete ticket money to dubai


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