7 brilliant things you can do with your smartphone. No 5 will amaze you

7 brilliant things you can do with your smartphone. No 5 will amaze you

These days people can’t do without their smartphones. They can’t afford to leave it for a second. Most people just use it for making calls and messages. Do you know you can control your smartphone without even touching it?

Here are 7 things you can do with your smartphone phone without knowing it.

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7. Measure a distance.

Have you ever tried to measure something before but you found out you don’t have tape with you? Well worry no more you can do it with your smartphone.

All you have to do is download the app ‘sizeup’

You measure by moving your smartphone across the surface of the object you want to measure. It allows you to save your measurements, take pictures of the measurements and more

6. Test your remote control battery.

this will help you know if your remote’s battery is working or not.

To do it, take your smartphone and start the camera app then take the remote and point it at the camera. If you see a red or purple light when you look at it from your phone then it means the battery is working, if not then the remote is faulty.

5. Control your phone without touching it.

This is amazing. Sometimes you will be cooking or washing or probably doing anything that gets your hands dirty. Unfortunately you have this important call, or you want play music or do anything with your phone but your hands are dirty. You couldn’t touch your phone. Most times you dirty the screen of your phone.

To control your phone without touching it install the app ‘wave control’

4. Drive safely.

Are you driving and it’s starts raining or it becomes dark. Install HUD WAY. Place your phone on the dashboard and HUD WAY will show you 3D view of the road.

3. Send text from your PC.

Are worried that your phone will soon off and you have important messages you want send or receive or make important calls?

Here is your solution, install MIGHTY TEXT.

It automatically links every text, your contacts, calls and messages to your PC. You reply or send message using your PC.

3. Make better decisions .

This is my favorite. Have you been thinking of the next line of action you want to take? Is it investment, business, take a bike, etc whatever you are confused about.


Download any of the two apps

This helps you to take appropriate decisions by examining the pros and cons of your plans and gives you suggestion and best decision.

Many people using it have testified how helpful it has been to them. It saves you a lot time thinking too much.

1. Keep yourself safe.

this is also my favorite. When you are walking in a lonely place or you are suspecting something bad about to happen or anything that makes you feel unsafe then this app becomes your guiding angel.

Once you tap on the the app, it automatically starts recording video and audio of your surroundings. It prepares to send emergency message to your contacts, it tracks your location using GPS and prepares to send to your contacts. You can choose the contacts you want the app to message.

You do all these by setting a timer for you to get out of the danger zone. If the time you set elapses and you didn’t stop it, the App will then inform your family and friends and sends them video and audio messages and GPS of your location

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