Check Out Steps On How You Can Fix Wallpaper At Home

Check Out Steps On How You Can Fix Wallpaper At Home

Check Out Steps On How You Can Fix Wallpaper At Home

We know that painting is becoming outdated for our homes, so many people have adopted a new way of decorating their homes. One of the most common way of decorating our home is by installing wallpapers, and in this article i will be teaching us how we can install our wallpaper by ourselves at home.

Add a lovely colour, theme, and a different style to your home with wallpapers, check out steps on how you can fix wallpaper at home below;


1. Painting brush

2. Razor blade

3. Bucket

4. Water

5. Wallpaper gum or top bond

6. Tape

7. Wallpaper

Step 1: clean the surface of the desired area you want to fix the wallpaper, make sure you remove every sand and dirt. Then use your tape to measure the area you wish to fix the wallpaper, and do this carefully.

Step 2: after measuring the area then make sure the wallpaper will be enough for that particular area, then cut your wallpaper accordingly to fit into a particular area.

Step 3: the wallpaper might be too strong, sprinkle a little quantity of water on it, then add your wallpaper gum to a bucket and add water to it and stir it very well.

Step 4: after stirring it dip your painting brush into the gum and gently apply the gum on the desired area for the wallpaper, then careful place the wallpaper on the gum.

Step 5: after placing the first wallpaper careful check if it is straight then if it is not you adjust it, then careful put another wallpaper and the designs should be joined in other to increase beauty. Do that until the area is full, then you use your razor to cut the lengthy side.

Just buy any wallpaper design of your choice and follow the above steps to fix them

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