2 Folders That Silently Take Up Space In Your Phone

2 Folders That Silently Take Up Space In Your Phone

To access these folders, you will need to be able to see hidden files in your file manager.

1. Whatsapp Shared Folder

This folder is located in your phone memory, inside the WhatsApp folder. It is named “.shared”. It is mainly for storing temporary (.tmp) files while you’re sharing them. After they are shared, the files become redundant but WhatsApp does not automatically delete them. If you delete this folder, it will not affect your WhatsApp usage.

2. Thumbnails Folder

This folder is for thumbnails of your photos and videos. It is automatically generated when you open your gallery. The thumbnails are not automatically deleted, even if you delete the original photo. Deleting this folder will not affect the usage of your phone at all. You can locate it in your internal storage inside the “DCIM” folder. It is usually named “. thumbnails”. Your phone will generate another folder once new thumbnails need to be generated.

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