Here Are 4 Eye Problems You Should Beware Of Once You Clock 50 and Above

Here Are 4 Eye Problems You Should Beware Of Once You Clock 50 and Above

Do you know that there are certain eye diseases that are more likely to develop in older men? If you are older and ignorant about this established fact, then you need to read this eye opening article from beginning to the end as we are going to be discussing an issue that’s really important.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the eye disease that people who are 50 and above are more prone to suffer from. If you are getting older, make sure you don’t stay far away from the eye doctor because it is highly advisable to pay the optician a visit every 6 months as you start aging to be sure you are not suffering from any eye disease and also check your eye health. Just sit tight and learn the eye diseases you should beware of as you start aging.

What Are the Eye Problems You Should Beware Of Once You Start Aging?

1. Appearance of Floaters and Flashers; now floaters are tiny spots and lines.that appear in a a person field of vision. Floaters and Flashers are normal and they often appear due to age related changes as a person starts aging, his chances of seeing such floaters increases drastically. Most floaters can be seen in a well lit room or when you are outdoors under the sun or outside.

2. Presbyopia; this has to do with the loss of Ability to see close objects or small print. Development of presbyopia is a slow process that develops overtime and is usually very evident as a person steps into his or her early to late 50s. This can’t really be regarded as an eye problem but if you experience it, one way to correct your vision is going for medicated glasses that will enable you see close objects or small prints clearly.

3. Glaucoma; when a person starts aging, the chances that he or she would suffer from glaucoma automatically increases. This is because glaucoma is a server eye problem that is more likely amongst men that are in their late 50s or early 60s. Glaucoma is very dangerous and also vision threatening, so you should endeavour to go for checkups regularly to know when there is buildup of pressure in your eyes.

4. Cataracts; this is the clouding of the eye lens and develops overtime with its initial signs being blurred vision coupled with pain in the eyes in some cases. Cataract like glaucoma is also vision threatening and should also be treated with urgency. It’s an age related eye problem most times as young people don’t often suffer from.this condition.

In all, you should endeavour to go for eye Checkups regularly as they and only they can rule out any chances or possibilities of you suffering from eye problems. It is believed that older age comes with wisdom, you should also apply this wisdom when it comes to your health.

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