How to Download Windows 10 for Free

How to Download Windows 10 for Free

On July 29, 2016, Microsoft officially discontinued the free Windows 10 upgrade program for license-holding Windows 7 and 8 users. But there is a way folks can still unofficially obtain a free copy of the flagship software, even in mid-2021.

Should You Upgrade to Windows 10 in 2021?
If you’re still using Windows 7 or 8, then absolutely. Aside from the numerous security updates and software stability improvements, Windows 10 offers a more modern computing experience. That means an easier-to-use interface, more intuitive menus, and an updated look. There are also advanced features like Live Tiles and the Microsoft Store.

Windows 8 users will be familiar with these evolutions, but the Windows 10 operating system improves upon them further. And, with a free Windows 11 upgrade on the horizon, these benefits make downloading Windows 10 in 2021 a no-brainer.

Why Not Just Wait to Download Windows 11?

For some people, it appears the writing is on the wall for Microsoft Windows 10. And with Windows 11 expected to release in late 2021, many users are opting to wait until it hits store shelves.

But waiting could be a mistake. While Microsoft hasn’t officially stated that there will be a cost for Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade, it’s not entirely off the table. Unfortunately, that’s bad news for users who are still employing older versions of the Windows software.

On the other hand, Microsoft has indicated that the Windows 11 update will be free for current Windows 10 users. That means the best time to upgrade is now.

Where to Get Windows 10 for Free
If you already have a valid Windows 7 or 8 license, downloading the free ISO for Windows 10 from Microsoft is your best bet. Even though Microsoft vowed to kill the upgrade program by December 31, 2017, you can still search Microsoft’s website to find the update page.

For those who don’t have a valid license, Microsoft will still allow you to install the software. The only drawbacks are the ugly watermark and lack of personalization options. In other words, the software will work, but for the full experience, you’ll need to activate Windows 10. Which means you’ll have to pay.

Unfortunately, buying Windows 10 Home or Pro from Microsoft will cost you the outrageous price of $199. Not good. There are ways around this price, however. The best one we’ve found is to purchase a Windows 10 activation key from a trusted software reseller.

As soon as Windows 11 becomes available you can find it in this store, but we recommend that you activate Windows 10 now so you can upgrade to the Windows 11 operating system when the time comes.

Why Buy Windows 10 Keys From a Software Reseller 
The most significant benefit to software resellers is the cost. The thing about software licenses is that because they are electronic, they don’t depreciate. It’s not like buying a car where the first 30% of the value is gone once you drive off the lot. Instead, software licenses retain their value often for years after the software is first released.

That’s because the same benefits apply to both old and new licenses. A license purchased in 2015, for example, would work the same as a license bought last week. You’d also receive the same security updates and bug fixes as every other licensed user.

The only time activation keys lose their value is when unused copies of the software sit on store shelves. If the stores that bought those copies from the manufacturer don’t make sales, they lose money and need to clear out the software to make room for new products.

That’s where software resellers come in. These companies buy licenses from retailers at a bulk discount. And, because these companies operate primarily online, they have a wider reach than brick-and-mortar shops. That means the software reseller can offer Windows 10 to the end-user at up to 80% off retail prices. Which is great news for folks looking to save money.

Get the Best Offers on Windows 10
Windows 10 Product Key Image
When choosing a software reseller, the most important consideration is trust. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure that the Windows 10 activation key you purchase comes from a reliable outfit.

Low prices mean absolutely nothing if you’re not getting a 100% genuine Microsoft product, and some shady resellers will even try to pass off old MSDN network licenses as authentic. Microsoft, however, has caught on to this practice and carries a reputation for deactivating unauthorized licenses.

That’s it! You now have a fully activated copy of Windows 10. In addition, the key you purchased will work forever, so you’ll never have to worry about Microsoft deactivating it.

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