Download Football Manager 2022 Apk Obb for Android (13.0.2) | FM 22

Download Football Manager 2022 Apk Obb for Android (13.0.2) | FM 22

Download Football Manager 2022 Apk Obb: Football Manager 22 is a mobile soccer management game that provides instant management fixes for managers. The game has more than 60 leagues and 25 football Nations. This update includes the latest player transfer, stadium upgrade, customized logo, new kits, etc.

Graphics of the game has been improved as compared to the FM 2021. There is a greater breadth of media commentary and responses, included with the redesigned game setup. With time Sega is growing in size. This is a thrilling football game in which you have to push your team to the limits as you are a manager.


Football Manager 2022 (13.0.2) Apk Obb for Android

FM 22 Download Football Manager has a very huge fan base. The games give you some fairy matches to enjoy and manage your team to make them the greatest. There are many other football-themed games like Dream League Soccer, PES & FIFA, but none of them had such in-depth and diversified tactical control. That is why this game is all about management. It wants the real football and your tactical mind to conquer the game. The game is definitely different from your traditional football games where your managerial skills are tested.

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In this game, you have to scout the players according to their position and other parameters. After that, you will have to train and practice your player in two minor leagues and upgrade slowly towards 2nd division and first division League. This game is not just about football management but it also involved your financial management skills.

Football manager 2022 mobile | Accounting Overhaul

You have to use your resources wisely to participate in more different tournaments and upgrade your infrastructure with the help of the financial resources you earn from the games. The game requires the dedication & intelligent management of your team.

new features
You have to respect the match and manage the live-action. You have to make sure that you have our backup plan if your player is injured or wants substitution so that you can perform better and beat your opponent to run towards Glory.

New Gen Faces | Football manager 2022 touch

Football Manager 2022 has lots of formation weather more practical styles in each formation. The game is not only focused on formation but also allows the user to change the set pieces, captain, defensive, and attacking strategy. You can also choose the shape of the formation.

Football manager 2022 touch
Enjoy the live match from the bird-eye view so you get a deeper analysis of the type of game your players are playing on the field. You can also find the new players from the transfer market with your transfer budget and have to customize wages for each player according to your financial capacity.

FM 22 Apk Obb review

This manager game has pretty impressive views but there are also lots of one-rated reviews from the players who were expecting a little more from this game. But this year the game is is more than impressive. The game was released on the 9th of November, 2021. Also so the new transfer when you allow you to sign any of the top layers of your choice as much as your budget can carry it.

FM 22 Apk Obb review

Game modes

  1. Career Mode: this is the traditional football manager game where you can start your career with your chosen team and you have 30-year to establish your reputation.
  2. Challenge: This is a better special where your club has turned into their darkest hour and they are somewhere around the middle of the season and you are being called up to battle against relegation.
  3. My Club: The hair you can create your own club and add them into the leagues in the game towards the ultimate Glory.

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Football Manager by SEGA gives you the real managerial hot seat to give you the real experience of the footballing world.

FM 22 Apk Obb


  • Overall UI Upgrade
  • Game Control Improved
  • New skills Added
  • Celebration Style
  • Player ratings improved
  • Moroccan League Added
  • Canadian League Added
  • Scouting player improvement
  • Agents available
  • FM22 Mobile Apk Obb Download [13.0.2]

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