eFootball PES 2022 PPSSPP Full Update Transfer Best Graphics Camera PS5 HD New Kits Season 22

eFootball PES 2022 PPSSPP Full Update Transfer Best Graphics Camera PS5 HD New Kits Season 22

Hi Guys You’re welcome to Dailyfocusng and sportsextral in this platform we are going to teach you more about gaming and how you can install and download this lovely Games on your device note that this Game is tested and working well before we put them in here for you to enjoy scroll down gently to read each and every words below

Download Game PES 2022 PPSSPP Full Update Transfer Best Graphics Camera PS5 HD New Kits Season 22. PES 2022 PPSSPP screenshots show some great improvements to the game. The appearance of the players looks more realistic, and the ball also has a more realistic feel. Similar to the game that we will share, namely Game PES 2022 PPSSPP Full Update Transfer Best Graphics Camera PS5 HD New Kits Season 22

Download Game PES 2022 PPSSPP Full Update Transfer Best Graphics Camera PS5 HD & New Kits Season 22

The lighting has also been improved, so players can show what they’re thinking through their facial expressions. The screenshot shows PES team captain Luka Modric highlighting his team colors and FIFA team captain Lionel Messi wearing a Spain jersey. These features show how both soccer teams are still in PES and will most likely spend more time into the game to try and beat each other. For more information about the game, you can visit the PES World website.

For me, the most enjoyable sports game franchise is Madden. It includes a wide selection of sports, the graphics are up to date and realistic, the commentary is well done, and the franchise mode is very immersive. With the addition of the FIFA line to Madden, I can enjoy American football and soccer, two of my favorite sports, in one place.

The game’s menu options have randomly updated themes and colors, different music in the game, different wallpapers, and new, different player feature images. Due to Konami’s significant re-branding and changes to PES, EFootball 2022 will provide PES with free-to-play options and files, as revealed in the FAQ and Twitter thread, read more here.

Download and extract the PSP emulator with the password subscribe-fadil-pa and you will see 3 folders: games, stored data and textures. Copy the files from the downloaded option files to the folder where you copied the option files. Option files in eFootball PES are titles that allow you to download community-created kits and logos for the game to a computer.

After successful extraction when the progress bar reaches 100%, open your PPSSPPP PSP emulator in PSP folder, see the PES 19 game icon and click Start playing. Download and install PPSPP PSP Emulator Gold APK Download and install Zarchiver Pro APK, open the PPSSSPP Emulator Gold APK, create a PSP folder, grant permissions, exit the latest PPSPP emulator app, open the APK under the PE 2022 RAR file you downloaded and click to view it.

In this section of this topic you will learn how to download the latest PES 2022 PSP ISO, how to store 1GB of data and texture files, and how to compress all others to make downloading easier. PES 2021 PPSSPP ISO can be downloaded from original PS5 camera file to Android or offline with the latest transfer tracks, stadium, ball, new game realist, face and cool graphics. Installing the PS4 camera version and the version of the PSP version is very easy, and once you understand the following steps, you can use the same ZArchiver app to extract the PES 22 RAR file with the ISO from the PSP game folder and include the stored data and textures from the game folder.


  • Size: 1.2 GB
  • Mode: Offline




  • New Kits Season 2022
  • Camera PS4/PS5
  • New Ball
  • New Promotions Team
  • New Adboard
  • Real Face
  • New Gloves
  • New Background
  • Straight grass
  • New Scoreboard
  • New Boots
  • Commentator Peter Drury (English)
  • Update Transfer 2022


Steps To Install or Set up PES PPSSPP are:

  • So, that first step is after downloading all the game files. Make sure your android phone has the zarchiver application and the ppsspp emulator installed, if not, please download it on the Playstore.
  • Next, open the zarchiver application then look for the game file that you downloaded.
  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner then select a lot, then select or click files (games, savedata and textures).
  • Then click the checkbox select extract, move it to the device memory / psp (paste it in the psp folder).
  • Click the PS5 Camera cursor file then select extract, move it to the device memory / psp / game / psp_game / sysdir (paste it in the sysdir folder).
  • Next, open the ppsspp emulator application then go to the settings / system / language menu (select espanol).
  • Click atras select juegos / psp / game / click the game image.
  • Done and have fun playing.

How to set PPSSPP emulator graphics

  • Click Adjusts/Graficos.
  • Click Motor grafico select OpenGL.
  • Click Shader de postprocessado select Vineta
  • Click Resolution de renderingizado select PSP x2
  • Click Editor del area de pantalla .. then select Opciones click Estirar, then click atras.
  • Done.


  • Konami
  • Chelito 19
  • TM Arts
  • Auvergne81
  • Susah Tenar
  • Tech 4 Gaming

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