‘Horizon Forbidden West’: Everything we know so far about the new PS5 and PS4 game and its file size

‘Horizon Forbidden West’: Everything we know so far about the new PS5 and PS4 game and its file size

Horizon Forbidden West is one of Sony’s most highly touted exclusives set to come out in 2022, continuing the story from the previous game Horizon Zero Dawn.

The game was initially slated for release during the festive period last year but, like with many other developers, there have been delays caused in part by the pandemic, meaning that the final launch has been pushed back to February.

Players will take control of Aloy, a hunter who travels a post-apocalyptic version of the United States that has been overrun by dinosaur-like machines.

If the title didn’t give it away, Aloy will be travelling west to find the source of a mysterious plague, which will take her through the familiar but desolate sights of California, Nevada and Yosemite Valley.

To find out more about when Horizon Forbidden West is released and what new features we can expect, keep on reading.

When is ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ being released?

Horizon Forbidden West is set to be released on 18 February 2022 on both the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 consoles.

Will I be able to upgrade ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ for free?

It’s worth noting that if you purchase the PS4 version of the game, you will be entitled to a free PS5 upgrade. Horizon Forbidden West will be the last Sony-exclusive title to receive this special treatment and all future releases, including God of War: Ragnarok and Gran Turismo 7, will require an upgrade fee to unlock the PS5 versions of the game.

How big is the file size for ‘Horizon Forbidden West’?

In a tweet from Playstation Game Size, Horizon Forbidden West is set to be a hefty download. While the US version of the game is reportedly a little leaner, European players can expect the file size to reach 96.3GB. This could be due to the additional language packs required for European territories.

As this is before any details of day one patches have been released, European players could expect the game to take up a sizeable portion of the PS5’s SSD, considering it has up to 825GB of useable storage space.

The official file sizes will be confirmed when pre-loading of the game commences, which is expected to be around a week before the 18 February 2022 release date.

Will I be able to play ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ on the PSVR 2?

Playstation confirmed the official name and existence of its latest virtual reality offering, the PSVR 2, at CES 2022. Along with that, a new teaser for a standalone title called Horizon Call of the Mountain was also shown as the first confirmed game being developed specifically for the headset.

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