It’s still the first quarter of the year and we all know how hard it can be to get a steady footing financially. With countless bills to see to, it is no shock that one can be overwhelmed at times. And in times like that we create an opportunity cost table, we buy only what we need thereby pushing our desires aside. With the upgrades in smartphones, it is no shock that everyone always has the desire to upgrade, but when financial problems set in, wise decisions have to be made.

What if you were told that you can get the latest TECNO smartphone that you have always wanted without worrying too much about payment? It’s not a fable; it is the absolute truthpeople! Renowned premium smartphone brand TECNO is in partnership with EasyBuy, a mobile device financing company,to give their customers their hearts’ desires. Customers can now buy TECNO devices such as PHANTOM X, CAMON 18, CAMON 18 Premier or CAMON 17 with a budget-friendly payment plan owing to this partnership between TECNO and EasyBuy.

Here’s all you need to know about this amazing offer. With just a 30% down payment of the device’s true worth, you get to won and enjoy a TECNO smartphone. What’s more, you can spreadthe balance payment over up to a 6-month period. This way, you won’t even feel the pinch of making the full payment at a go.

Now that’s a fantastic deal any day, anytime. So, if you want to be a part of this great opportunity, here’s what you need to do. Visit the EasyBuy page, to apply. Once your application has been approved, visit any of the authorized TECNO stores nationwide and make your down payment for your chosen device. And the next step is the easy one; enjoy spreading the balance payments through the agreed period of months. It’s really that easy…get it?!

To better the deal, TECNO is also offering special interestdiscount packages for your choice installment plan. Customers who have registered on the EasyBuy page and have purchased their TECNO mobile devices will enjoy 3-6% interest off their payment plans after they have gotten their smartphones.

If this interest you, then it is time to make your smartphone dream come true, head straight to easybuy, get that phone, save yourself some cash and enjoy a premium mobile experience with TECNO.

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