In the world of art, where imagination knows no bounds and creativity dances freely on canvas, some artists stand out, not just for their skill, but for their unique perspective and profound inspiration. One such luminary is Gbenga Gabriel, affectionately known as Gahbrivah, a contemporary artist who has carved his name in the annals of creativity with his remarkable murals, graffiti, and doodles.

With a decade of experience marked by a profound passion for artistic expression, Gahbrivah’s journey is a testament to drawing inspiration from the world around him. His philosophy is simple: God is the ultimate artist, and nature’s essence and blank canvases drive him. 

Specializing in murals, graffiti, and doodles, Gahbrivah stands out. His creations resonate with emotions, sparking conversations and adorning streets and alleys with vibrant colours and forms. His work becomes a living testament to his artistic prowess, telling stories that speak to the soul.

Amidst his journey, Gahbrivah found a partner that not only resonated with his creative spirit but also fueled it: TECNO, a brand synonymous with innovation and technological excellence. His admiration for the brand, especially the CAMON series, runs deep. In fact, he embarked on his artistic voyage using the very first device in the CAMON series. The power of its camera became the catalyst that propelled his creativity to new heights.

Today, Gahbrivah sits down for an insightful conversation, sharing his thoughts and experiences that intertwine art, technology, and the boundless pursuit of inspiration.


Can we meet you?

My name is being that Gbenga Gabriel, I own a brand. I’m an artist, a contemporary artist, let’s just say a modern-day contemporary artist. I specialize in murals, doodles, graffiti, just name it. Been doing murals for like roughly 10 years now. Most times I just say empty spaces and just gives me inspiration.



I actually like the TECNO brand for like a very long time now. I actually used the first TECNO camera because then I mean the camera is a very good camera, has like a very good camera quality. But then this Doodle edition came up and I’m like, why not just do something for TECNO? And this TECNO has always been an inspirational brand for me as well because I like the colour. I mean blue is my favourite colour. That’s like the brand colour.

How did you come up with this Doodle art for TECNO?

So yeah, I just thought infusing your art in the brand makes sense. Most times when you’re telling the story with a brand, I mean that story has to relate to the brand, I mean the brand products and services. So now TECNO is a fun brand. So if you’re doing a design related to one art, related to a particular brand, you just have to tell the story relating to that brand with the images you’re trying to create and the story you’re trying to tell as well. This design is related to the African culture. At the same time relating to the brand and relating to the state of Lagos. So if you’re looking at the design, you’re going to see the Lagos Island bridge which is the danfo bus-related images and characters related to the state and as well as the brand product as well.


Who is your biggest influence and inspiration?

I think God is the greatest artist of all. I think God is my greatest influence so far because inspiration from nature, from spaces around you just gives you ideas and more creative ideology. So yeah, I think that’s pretty much it.


What is your goal and aspiration?

I would like to have the biggest art industry in Africa, in the world at large, serve as inspiration to every other upcoming artist, and every other creative out there as well.


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