(PHOTO): Chelsea kit leaks ahead of 2024/25 season

(PHOTO): Chelsea kit leaks ahead of 2024/25 season


(PHOTO): Chelsea kit leaks ahead of 2024/25 season 

The latest leaks have surfaced in relation to Chelsea’s kit designs for the 2024/25 season.

As was previously reported on November 23rd 2023, initial leaks surfaced relating to the clubs third kit colour way, sporting a black, pink and yellow design.

Mixed reviews were the theme of the day, with many confused as to what the theme is connected to – if anything

Today, the newest leaks were provided via @Footy_Headlines displaying the colour way expected for all three variations of kits for next season.

As shown below, the home kit is seen to have the classic blue with orange trim.

The away kit is beige with orange trim once again and either blue or a purple to match.

And finally, the same third kit design as leaked late last year, we see once again, black as the main colour with yellow and pink trim.

Credit: footyheadlines.com

Once again, it would be easy to suggest that reviews may be mixed on the two newest additions to the leaks.

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