5 Things You Can Do With Bluetooth That You Don't Know

5 Things You Can Do With Bluetooth That You Don't Know


Bluetooth is an ancient way of transferring files, musics and videos but it seems it usage rate have reduce this days probably due to the invention of some sending and receiving applications. These applications over power Bluetooth easily because of it slow sharing rate but did you know that Bluetooth is not only for sharing files, musics and movies, it have many other amazing features people don’t know but I be revealing few of them today.

1, Free hand call: Calling while driving in Nigeria is a very big offence which usually attract a huge fine if you are being caught because driving requires high level of concentration, why risking it when you can easily do without, it is very easy.

How To Do Free Hand Calling

Almost all car radios have Bluetooth try to figure out if yours have and learn how to on it, if yours doesn’t have Bluetooth there is no cause for alarm, you can buy one(1) from any advance car accessories shop.

– On the car Bluetooth.

– Open your mobile phone.

– Go to settings.

– Click on Bluetooth and on your Bluetooth and visibility, let your phone scan for visible device around, within a short period it will see the car Bluetooth.

– Before connecting, click on setting symbol and tick phone then connect.

– Once you pick any incoming call it will be from your car radio so you wouldn’t need to hold your phone to ear again.

2, Internet share: Just as other wireless connection icon do, Bluetooth can also be use to share data between two phone.

How To Use

– On the data receiver Bluetooth.

– On your phone Bluetooth and connect.

– Go to settings.

– Click on more.

– Click on tethering and potable hotspot.

– On Bluetooth tethering.

– That’s all.

3, Audio streaming: Bluetooth be use to stream music on any connected device without sharing or receiving the music to their devices.

4, File synchronization: Bluetooth can be used to synchronize files while connected to a system without the use of cords, amazing?

5, Phone Based Navigation: Bluetooth can help you in reaching your destination without anyone’s help through Bluetooth navigator and the help of Siri.

These are just few of the numerous amazing unknown things Bluetooth can do, if there are other amazing and cool stuff you know about Bluetooth which is not list above, pls do well by commenting them.

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