FIFA 21 career mode feature allows Liverpool change many have been asking for

FIFA 21 career mode feature allows Liverpool change many have been asking for

Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold has shown his incredible technical ability over the last few years, with the 21-year-old capable of producing stunning cross-field passes.

It’s often argued that Alexander-Arnold is wasted at full-back and should be playing as a midfielder. Thanks to the new improvements coming to Career Mode on FIFA 21, you can change his playing position.

EA have announced a number of improvements that will be coming to FIFA 21 Career Mode, including new revamped player progression, interactive match sims, improved transfer options and more.

Here is how EA explain the new Position Conversion feature coming to FIFA 21.

“Position Conversion is mechanically similar to Player Development, but the key difference is that all growth XP gets directed towards Attributes and abilities that would cater to the new position which the player is converted to.

“Conversions can also impact Work Rates & Skill Move abilities of players. Converting a winger into a full back? They will need to develop their defensive Work Rate for the conversion to be complete. Moving a player to a more advanced position? They will need to improve on their Skill Moves to be able to take on defenders when going forward.

“Younger players will be naturally easier to convert to other positions, and declining veteran players can be guided towards a position that helps them conserve their key Attributes better.

“Player Development and Position Conversion are also available for Youth Academy players. While in the Academy, the young talents develop under good Form at all times, so their growth is sustained at an even pace.


EA have also made the following improvements to Career Mode in FIFA 21:

  • Revamped Player Progression
  • Interactive Match Sim
  • New Match Launcher
  • Player Developement
  • Player Position Conversion
  • New Active Training
  • Player Sharpness
  • Player Feedback System
  • Team Schedule and Planning
  • New Transfer Options
  • Broadcast Improvements

EA have confirmed that FIFA 21 has the official UK and worldwide release date of October 9, 2020, but some editions will allow you to play FIFA 21 slightly earlier than this.

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