FIFA 2021 Key Feature: There Will Be VAR in FIFA 2021

FIFA 2021 Key Feature: There Will Be VAR in FIFA 2021

FIFA 2021: Will there be VAR in FIFA 2021?

FIFA 2021 is yet to receive an official release date in the UK, with EA Sports tight-lipped on the inevitable title, likely to come later this year. But as speculation over the release mounts, will there be VAR in FIFA 2021?

FIFA 2021, or FIFA 21, depending on EA’s chosen naming scheme, will debut at some point this year. Fans are already clamouring to see what the developers might include in the game, as they wait out the premier league suspension with a few home matches of their ow

Will there be VAR in 2021?

Video Assistant Refereeing (VAR) is one of the more controversial additions to modern-day football and has led to arguments both on the field and in homes during matches.

Others have found VAR a useful component of the game which allows for more comprehensive decision-making.

As EA continues to update its games to reflect modern footballing, people might anticipate (or fear) them adding in VAR with their latest instalment.

FIFA 2021 will there be VAR in FIFA 2021 release date

FIFA 2021: Will there be VAR in FIFA 2021? (Image: EA)

FIFA 2021: VAR

FIFA 2021: VAR has proved a controversial addition to both people at home and players during matches (Image: GETTY)

The developers have not indicated whether they will do so just yet, but experts have unveiled several compelling arguments as to why they might not.

They say predicting the results of VAR is too complex, and argue including it in-game would create slot-like outcomes.

Programming in a distinctly unpredictable feature could also cause difficulties for the developers.

Perhaps the most obvious argument against VAR for FIFA is that the game doesn’t need it.

FIFA 2021: Jadon Sancho

FIFA 2021: There is no word yet about a release date for FIFA 21 (Image: FIFA)

As EA Sports Creative Director Matt Prior once noted, the game leaves nothing to interpretation, as programmers determine most of the decisions made.

The fact eradicates any uncertainty around goals or fouls, so adding VAR would be useless.

VAR’s in-game utility doesn’t necessarily discount it altogether as it is still an inevitable part of modern football.

EA could include it in some form which doesn’t directly impact gameplay, but whether they would remain open to questioning.

FIFA 2021: Vergil Van Djik

FIFA 2021: People argue FIFA has no need for VAR (Image: EA)

Mr Prior killed the prospect of adding it to FIFA 19, the first scheduled FIFA game after VAR’s introduction in 2018.

He told Eurogamer VAR was integral to the “footballing fabric” and didn’t rule out including it in a future game.

He said: “There’s still a learning process of how ultimately it levels out to how it’s used.

“There’s a grey area. But it’s definitely something we’ll monitor.”


“If it becomes part of the footballing fabric to the point where it feels weird that it isn’t in a regular game, even if we don’t need it, then it’s something we can look at introducing.

“If there is that anticipation moment in real football that becomes a thing – and if we wanted to create that in our game because of authenticity… if it didn’t happen in our game and it’s happening all the time in the real game, arguably you could say we’re missing a part of the football fabric.

“So it might then be something we want to do.

“But it’s something we’re monitoring and keeping an eye on

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