What to Expect in FIFA 2021, Skit Design, Skills And Attacking Intelligence (Video)

What to Expect in FIFA 2021, Skit Design, Skills And Attacking Intelligence (Video)

Attacking Intelligence

Another major area of improvement to our gameplay this year has been the addition of an improved attacking intelligence system, where squad mates now better evaluate what the dribbler is doing in order to create better options. As a result, you’re able to generate fast and free-flowing moments, especially when counter attacking.

The AI will now create opportunities that didn’t exist last year. Here are a couple of examples of the attacking intelligence on display and how they can lead to fast attacks and counter attacks.

In the counter attack below, notice the run of the AI controlled player in the black shirt to read the situation and break into space so you can play the quick pass over the top.

We built this system so players will feel more support with less waiting around for something to happen. We’re paying attention to what the dribbler is doing and responding with actions which create a better-paced and more dynamic gameplay experience.



VOLTA SQUADS – Play Online Together

In VOLTA SQUADS, you can head online and dive into community Drop-In matches, Squad Up with a group of friends, or Play Solo. Whatever your preference, everyone competes together in the same online mode.

Community Drop In

Drop-In to a public lobby as your created VOLTA AVATAR, and team with up to three other VOLTA AVATARS from the community to challenge other community teams online.

When you Drop-In, captains will be randomly assigned the role. As captain, your Drop-In team will use your Team Crest, Team Name, Home Turf, and AI assigned teammates for any unfilled roles like the goalkeeper.

Captains can also choose to edit the Matchmaking Settings that determine Match Types, whether you want to play with Walls, No Walls, or have no specific preference. Captains can also determine the Opponent Type, such as Co-Op Teams Only.

Players that are not the captain in the Drop-In lobby are able to swap positions with AI players (except the goalkeeper), view the selected Matchmaking Settings, or check out the gear of the other players in the lobby as well as their Title. More on Titles later in this article.

If you find that you have a Drop-In team that has great team chemistry, you can choose to stay together for the next match. Players you compete with in the same Drop-In lobby are also listed on the Recent Teammates tile and can be sent invites to be friends on your friends list. Or course, if you’d like to jump into a new lobby at the end of the match, you have that option as well.

Squad Up with Friends

You can team with up to three of your friends and test your skills against other teams online. Start a private lobby and invite players from your friends list to form your team, with the private lobby host acting as the Captain who has the same abilities that exist in Drop In. If you’re playing with less than 3 friends, the AI teammates will be filled with players from the Captain’s starting squad.

Play Solo

With solo play, you are the Captain of your team. With full control over your AI teammates, you can use Squad Management to determine which players to field based on the style of play you prefer when taking on online opponents.

Climb Divisions & Ranks, Earn Unique Rewards


There are multiple Divisions to progress through in VOLTA SQUADS and progression is tied to you as an individual Avatar. Everyone starts with placement matches that determine their appropriate Division.

Each Division has a Matchmaking Ranking (MMR) range calculated by match history. Movement through the different Divisions is determined by an increase in wins/losses in a player’s match history during the active Division event, which is also indicated in the Squad Progress panel.

At the start of a new Division event, a player will be promoted or relegated. Getting promoted into a new Division unlocks an exclusive Division reward including VOLTA COINS and gear only available in VOLTA SQUADS. With Divisions, the intent is to match players of similar skill level so everyone can have fair and fun matches.


There are 5 ranks in each Division, 5 being the lowest and 1 the highest, and players earn points towards their rank progress in the Division events. Players participate in weekly events and earn rank points for every win, draw or loss. Along the way, players unlock unique limited time rank rewards for each new rank they reach within the event.


Limited Time Events, Limited Time Rewards

During weekly events, players can take their Squads up against a series of AI-controlled opponents to earn Battle Points. By earning Battle Points, users can unlock Milestone Rewards including VOLTA COINS, gear, and featured matches.

Every event will have up to two featured matches. These matches include exclusive rewards available only in Featured Battles, and they are available only for a limited time.

Recruit a Team of Stars

Players will have the chance to match their squad against special Squads — including current superstars such as Kylian Mbappé, ICONS, and some groundbreaking talent along the way.

If you’re able to beat these Star-studded squads before the weekly event ends, you can recruit players from their Squad into yours.

Unlock Featured Club Kits and Attire

Players can earn club jerseys and gear available through Featured Battles. While you will be able to acquire some attire through our monthly New Arrivals, Featured Battles will be the only way to earn official club jerseys, from teams such as a Liverpool F.C. or Real Madrid.

The Debut featuring Kaká

The Debut is designed to help FIFA players better understand the mechanics of VOLTA FOOTBALL, both on and off the pitch. In a 2 to 3 hour cinematic experience, players will discover new locations, grow their Avatar, learn strategies, earn unique rewards, and build their Squad.

The story focuses on your Squad, with the teammates you choose to appear alongside your Avatar throughout the experience. The team you create will travel the globe, meeting football legends along the way. With a friendly nudge from Kaká, pursue glory at the Streets & Icons tournament in Dubai.

Visit New Locations

We’ve added 5 new locations for you to play in: São Paulo, Paris, Sydney, Dubai, and Milan. Each new location has a distinct feel of the local football culture, showcasing the passionate atmospheres around the world.

Grow Your Avatar

Avatars grow from playing matches, and The Debut will have access to optional training drills that will provide additional growth opportunities. The drills have been curated to teach users the fundamental skills needed to succeed in VOLTA FOOTBALL. This includes:

  • How to perform simplified Skill Moves
  • Quick ball movement
  • Defensive positioning
  • How to shield the ball
  • The best ways to intercept passes
  • Shot blocking techniques
  • Finishing
  • And others

Learn Gameplay Strategies

As players progress through The Debut, they will compete against squads built for particular play styles. From Lisa Zimouche’s skillers in Paris, to Issy Hitman’s powerful crew, to Ed Van Gil’s masters of possession, beating each Squad will require players to adapt to different styles of play.

Earn More Rewards

Players can earn items to kit-out their Avatar as they progress through The Debut, as well as high-skill squad mates to strengthen their team for Featured Battles and VOLTA SQUADS.

Rewards will be given for winning Matches, completing Skill Games, finishing Chapters, and winning Tournaments.

Stack your Squad

You can recruit high-rated players to your Squad as well as earn Legends of Street like Lisa Zimouche and Kotaro Tokuda.

Those who complete The Debut will be rewarded with a surprise and find themselves ready to compete at a higher level in VOLTA SQUADS.


VOLTA FOOTBALL will have new gear releasing regularly, and we’re bringing football and fashion together with the latest branded apparel from street football, professional clubs, and celebrity designed collections.

We focused on 4 key areas:

  • Establishing a Community Connection to unlock authentic street culture gear
  • Cause Related gear to support social topics intrinsically linked to the football and the culture surrounding it
  • Working with key talent to drive the aesthetic direction of in-game assets
  • Adding a limited set of authentic football gear for avatars to support their club

GEAR UP is the gateway into a robust customization experience that reflects your own personal style. It acts as a hub for you to browse, unlock, and equip unique vanity items such as athletic clothes, street clothes, hair, hats, tattoos, and footwear. Items will be released monthly through challenge ladders and for a limited time.

All items fall within a tiered rarity system and many are grouped into ladders of increasing prestige. In each release, our goal is to enable players to climb challenge ladders to unlock the Legendary item through gameplay. You can unlock items by completing gameplay challenges or by using your VOLTA COINS which are earned by completing matches. The higher the difficulty, the higher the rewards.

Let’s highlight some of the gear we’re bringing to you this year.

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