Happy Easter Sunday: Powerful Prayers Point to Destroy Bad Dreams, Stagnation And Failure in Your Life

Happy Easter Sunday: Powerful Prayers Point to Destroy Bad Dreams, Stagnation And Failure in Your Life

Confession:Micah 7:8.

Praise and worship

1. The dream of impossibility shall not blow into my direction of life’s journey.

2. My glory, arise from the house of backwardness and stagnation, shine.

3. O God arise and invade the demonic dreams causing failures in my life and set me free.

4. God break every blood and soul-tie covenants with the spirit husband or wife.

5. Every power using the dream of my village, former house or school to bring confusion to my life, die by fire.

6. Thou power of wandering aimlessly attacking my future, be wasted and die by fire.

7. I declare that I will make it in this life.

8. Let the power waiting for my downfall, shame and error, stumble and fall.

9. Every curse of moving 10 steps backward, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.

10. Let the angels of God be dispatched and speak success and glory into my life.

11. Holy Spirit, arise and repair my faulty destiny foundation polluted by the enemy of my advancement.

12. I bind, break and cast out the ancestral spirit of slow movement, slow memory, slow thinking out of my life.

13. Lord, cut down the tree of demonic dreams and nightmares planted in my father’s house.

14. Any agreement, between me and poverty I break that agreement by fire by force.

15. Lord apply the blood of Jesus, to break all consequences of bad and evil dreams prospering in my life.

16. Every curse of stagnation over my life, work and family, be broken.

17. Negative prayers, prophecies and predictions causing me to lose my directions, be cancelled.

18. Holy spirit, reveals the causes of my problems and the way out of it, to me

19. I release myself, from the grip of any problem transferred into my life from the dream world, in the name of Jesus.

20. With the authority from heaven i release, confusion and backwardness upon any satanic programmer attacking my star.


Prayer Assignment:

Any power using women/men to steal my financial glory and my Grace, be eliminated now, in the name of Jesus.

Short Memory verses:

Psalm 68:1-2, Job 11:20, Jer 30:23


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